Traditional rug cleaners

Oriental rug cleaning and repair

Normally in a home the carpets and rugs accumulate the most dust. We specialize in treatments for fine rugs and delicate materials. The idea is that you maintain them as clean as you can until the next professional cleaning. A little care goes a long way in making your money work for you. They should be vacuum at least twice a week in the high traffic areas. Any spots or damages should be professionally addressed immediately so they don’t become a permanent stain. Depending on the material some damages or stains can be harder to get out and a lot more delicate, leave it to us to get it back to normal.

Oriental Traditional rug repair and restoration

Handmade rug reweaving and restoration. Wool & silk

Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Keep in mind we give you free estimates, which means our technician will go to your home for free to explain what will be the best option for you. We make sure we accommodate prices and treatments with your needs. 

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