What is being done to your rug?

We will take you on a step by step explaination on what is done to your rug. Even if you just have the curiosity on what is done.  
We will take you on a step by step explaination on what is done to your rug. Even if you just have the curiosity on what is done.  

This is what we specialize in! We work on rugs from all over the world and every type of material. They are works of art that you have in your own home.That is why we always do our very best to rejuvenate and restore the lustrous colors or texture It had in the first place. We wash each rug individually by hand. Almost everything we use to wash your rugs is organic. It’s healthier for you and for us.

 1. We will get to your home and our technician will inspect your rug together with you so in that way you can let us know any specific problem or concern you may have. We offer free pick up and delivery. We always include all of the specialty treatments to help your rug last longer such as pet treatments, deodorizing and protectors. We then place your rugs into our specially lined van and leave you with your signed copy of your paid invoice. We accept all major credit cards and checks. We usually are able to return your rugs to you in about 2 weeks. Rush orders-schedule permitting- are performed

2. Your rug arrives at our warehouse to begin dusting your rug to remove the compacted dry soil. Usually With this method we can take out A LOT of dirt from the rug, this is why it is better serviced in out wearhouse. On a side note; we offer in home services for some area rugs but most of them will get a better result if it is taken away. 

3. Your rug is taken to the washing area where it will be washed using cool, soft water and organic cleaning agents to loosen the dirt that has locked itself onto the fibers of the rug. This process may be repeated several times until the rug is as clean as is safely possible. We will NOT use harsh material that can damage your rug. Each treatment at this point varies depending on the material and the specific stains. 

4. Your rug is then rinsed over and over, until it is cleansed of all the dirt and treatment that it holds. If the rug is not rinsed correctly the end result will be a stiff rug We will not squeeze the water out of it because this will damage the material. We make sure we delicate rinse out the rug.

5. Your rug is then placed flat over night to air dry in a controlled environment. and the air dry, that way we are not using hot machines that can ultimately damage the fibers or fabric. If there is any extra protection requested after completely dry it will be applied. 

6. Your rug is then inspected one more time to make sure everything is just right. If it is, we dust it one final time then roll your rug up. 

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