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About us

Why choose us?

I bet at some point you wanted to know how to properly clean your carpet or get your rugs washed. We have created this space so you can know what to expect and that way you can make the best decision. 

We are efficient. 
We get things done in a timely manner always keeping in mind the quality, 
With us you DO get service to get your money’s worth. We have best equipment, training, and technicians. We know our place in your home is to remove the dirt, make everything look and smell terrific, and then let you get back to your busy life. 

Why We Are Different
There are many ways we are different than other companies, we offer the best treatments to tailor to your specific needs. Our professional technicians have the knowledge to explain the options you have for your cleaning.  We can do them all and we do them all very well, using the safest cleansers on the market. Just like you, we have families whom we love and want to see as often as we can.

We are discreet.
We have had the pleasure of working in beautiful homes, With that comes responsibility. We service many clients who need and desire discretion and privacy. We are familiar with non-disclosure documents as well as protecting your credit card information and security codes when you need servicing without being present.

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